early-morning hour

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an hour early in the morning

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The early-morning hours of September 11, 200l, should never be forgotten," said West Hollywood Mayor Sal Guarriello.
The usually bustling retail chain enjoys a special calm around the early-morning hours.
The first assessment began at midnight New Year's Eve and lasted into the early-morning hours.
Our search-and-rescue parties would have discovered her probably in the early-morning hours because that is where they were slated to search,'' she said.
Scott Mullins, a 35-year-old unemployed construction worker, has pleaded not guilty to killing his 34-year-old spouse, testifying he was at his sister's trailer in Green Valley in the early-morning hours of Aug.
There has been one broken-down bus in Sylmar in the early-morning hours of July 13 on the way to Lake Elsinore, four games in sweltering conditions in Modesto and a day off to travel between Modesto and Stockton, a distance covering 30 miles after the team had traveled nearly 2,000 miles without a break.
He believes calls for a 24-hour tower crew at Van Nuys Airport would simply add to the dilemma by perhaps encouraging more flights in the early-morning hours.
In all cases, police believe the victims did not know their assailants, who attacked in the late-night to early-morning hours.
Like many residents, Miller, of West Hills, and Seidel, of Woodland Hills, were jerked out of a sound sleep by the dramatic weather that swept through the Los Angeles area during the early-morning hours Tuesday.
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