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Synonyms for early-blooming

of plants that bloom during the spring

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In February, buds of early-blooming fruit trees, such as peaches, may already start to open.
Indeed, in looking over the catalogue, there were so many early-blooming annuals I had quite a task to choose the ones I wanted.
Spring 2011 new introductions include a variety of new shrubs, heat tolerant rhododendrons and early-blooming crapemyrtles.
The unusual dark lavender shade of this early-blooming decorative mum makes it popular among commercial growers.
Clip off one or two early-blooming magnolia buds when the buds are mature but haven't opened.
Take advantage of them by growing one or more of these combinations: mauve and purple pansies with winter-flowering heather; vivid reds and oranges with early-blooming dwarf daffodils or pure blue surrounding the dark green leaves of a small bay tree.
Stop in Saturday at Shore Acres State Park south of Charleston to see the early-blooming rhododendrons and take in Bonsai Day.
Bulbs that bloom in mid- to late winter can be planted in a garden of their own or with early-blooming shrubs.
Apricots are early-blooming trees and generally not as hardy as the other fruits described here.
If you live in a relatively mild-winter climate, create your own color beds by combining cool-season flowers like primroses and pansies, spring bulbs, early-blooming perennials, and shrubs with striking flowers or foliage.
Plant earlier than late December, choose early-blooming varieties, and chill bulbs if at all possible.
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