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the act of substituting other food for the mother's milk in the diet of a child or young mammal

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The research confirmed that early weaning is profitable.
The report also noted that infant illnesses (diarrhea, malaria and TB), growth problems, and deaths significantly increased after early weaning.
The potential efficiency gains from early weaning (Krsinich et al.
Research indicates PPD is associated with early weaning, although women who continue to breastfeed through PPD have more positive mother-baby interactions," reports Gromada.
Some previous reports have suggested that diabetic women may resort to early weaning because of fluctuating maternal blood glucose values and frequent episodes of symptomatic hypoglycemia.
Lizzie Vann from Organix baby food company says: "There is a growing debate about the effect of gluten in early weaning foods and its link to health problems"
The WRRAN win be launched in early August during Nigeria's national breast feeding week, when issues related to exclusive breastfeeding and early weaning will receive national attention.
This method still allows for such high-tech techniques as early weaning and reduces odors and waste disposal problems.
Consistent with that speculation, cigarette smoking by the mother (4) and infant's gestional age < 37 weeks (5), for example, are usually associated with early weaning, but the hazard ratios for these characteristics in the report by Thomas et al.
Understanding "pro-biotics" will enhance and likely eventually replace continually fed antibiotics in the livestock industries, large-scale confinement housing and concepts like segregated early weaning (SEW) are the latest frontier for prairie hog operations.
We suggest milk is merchandised on the left of the fixture, followed by an early weaning block, jars and packet foods, to stop mums drifting into home-made foods," he said.
But there are many factors that can make early weaning necessary.
Very early weaning in either case is not recommended.
But doctor should be consulted for advice on foods to be avoided in early weaning period to prevent allergies.
Early weaning programs and three-site production facilities have emerged, creating segregated sites dedicated to specific development phases.
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