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Synonyms for cram

Synonyms for cram

to fill to excess by compressing or squeezing tightly

to study or work hard, especially when pressed for time


Synonyms for cram

crowd or pack to capacity

put something somewhere so that the space is completely filled

study intensively, as before an exam

prepare (students) hastily for an impending exam

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Early memories are recognized for their potential of having life-long impacts on the ones remembering them.
Noel Stapleton, who looked after Sadler's Wells for 20 years, has strong early memories of the horse.
The books explored early memories his first haircut and other childhood scenes with the increasing difficulties he faced as his memory and body began to fail.
Although I took to playing on turf wickets only in 2005 after shifting base to Netherlands, I treasure the early memories of bowling fast with a tennis ball.
Clegg's early memories are written in the third person, providing distance that lends itself to an ironic detachment.
His early memories include being taken to the opera, ballet, museums, theater and films.
As a result, the early memories Torre has of Robinson are as an opposing fan.
All the more surprising, then, to discover Carter in conversation with curator Matthew Higgs in a recent catalogue disclosing early memories that bear fairly directly on the above.
My parents still live in Llandegfan, Anglesey, so all my early memories are there and I try to get back as often as possible.
My early memories are all about Gordon Strachan, Tony Dorigo, Carl Shutt and Lee Chapman - people like that.
She always spoke fondly of her early memories, dancing at Lake Nipmuc with her sisters and friends.
In this translation of a book first published in France in 2006 by Editions Robert Laffont, French psychotherapist Estrade draws on the work of Freud and Adler in analyzing the link between early memories and later 'style of life.
Subtitled, "A Memoir," this book details Associate Justice Clarence Thomas' life from his childhood, including his early memories of his life in Pinpoint, Georgia, moving to squalor to the African-American neighborhood of Savannah, Georgia, and then his formative, primary and secondary years growing up in the strict household of his grandfather, whom he called, "Daddy.
Most of Katia's early memories - the loss of parents, the grim orphanage, the poverty - are missing.
What were some early memories of seeing pros, or some big name people that blew you away when you were young?
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