early childhood

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the early stage of growth or development

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Whatever others said, I felt I was fully competent to the task: the clear remembrance of my own thoughts in early childhood would be a surer guide than the instructions of the most mature adviser.
Will not such an one from his early childhood be in all things first among all, especially if his bodily endowments are like his mental ones?
From childhood the poet, though physically strong, was moody and given to solitary dreaming; from early childhood also he composed poetry, and when he was seventeen he and one of his elder brothers brought out a volume of verse, immature, but of distinct poetic feeling and promise.
Since early childhood Clarence had concentrated his energies on becoming a footballer, and was now an exceedingly fine goal-keeper.
She used to be quite remarkable for her memory, but since her last attack she recalls chiefly the events of her early childhood.
From his early childhood up, his mind had been a place of mechanical stowage.
Nothing is ever so firmly impressed on the mind as the memory of our early childhood, and with the exception of the two scenes I have just described to you, all my earliest reminiscences are fraught with deepest sadness.
The expanded Greenpoint Early Childhood Center has five full-day classrooms, growing the current program from two full-day classrooms and one half-day classroom and giving parents more choice in having children attend full-time.
Professionalizing Early Childhood Education as a Field of Practice: A Guide to the Next Era is a pick for any early childhood education collection strong in professional development and offers the invitation to participate in a process that helps define ECE as a professional field of practice.
To Solicit Proposals For An Entity To Implement And Operate An Early Childhood Services Program In North Dakota.
The role of content knowledge in early childhood curricula is of particular importance given the recent emphasis placed on sociocultural constructions of knowledge which I see knowledge as contextually bound and determined by social practices.
Goffin, a former preschool educator who is associated with a company that builds the ability of early childhood education to offer programs and services through leadership capacity and systems-building, examines the history of early childhood education to understand why it has stayed divided as a field of practice and the need for an alternative path in the future.
After reading this handbook, the early childhood professional will be well-informed and able to fully participate in the dialogue about RtI in early childhood.
According to Unesco's Early Childhood Care and Education Unit, early childhood is defined as the period from birth to eight years.
The diploma programme is aimed at addressing the "critical" shortage of teachers in early childhood development and pre-primary education, which should lay a solid foundation for lower primary education.
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