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the fleshy pendulous part of the external human ear


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Hold your right earlobe with your left hand so that the thumb is on the outside and two fingers are on the inside, behind the ear.
In the interest of comfort, the main part of the device is worn around the neck and weighs only about 90 grams, and a sensor is attached to the earlobe to measure vital signs such as pulse rate and the autonomic nervous system.
uk NASTY WOUND Blood pours down neck after attack EXCLUSIVE by DAVID COLLINS THE England footie fan whose earlobe was bitten off at the World Cup has revealed the attack came after he sprang to Wayne Rooney's defence.
The company does a good deal of contract work for other brands and recently signed a deal to sell jewelry other than earlobe plugs in Urban Outfitters nationwide.
The victim in a witness statement given to police said he was still suffering from the physical and emotional scars of having his earlobe bitten off.
Of them, 7,537 had receding hairlines at the temples, 3,938 had baldness at the crown of the head, 3,405 had earlobe crease and 678 sported fatty deposits around the eye.
8220;I'm very happy to now formally offer earlobe repair for most piercing-related conditions.
Several techniques have been described for reconstructing various parts of the earlobe after surgical or traumatic tissue loss.
Pierce was able to complete his flinging feat because earlobe skin can stretch and snap back to its original shape--much like a rubber band can.
If the school policy had said you're only allowed a stud in the earlobe then I would understand - but it's unclear.
This issue's research column is based on the peer-reviewed article by Fabrice Vallee, Joaquim Mateo, Guillaume Dubreuil, Thomas Poussant, Guillaume Tachon, Ingrid Ouanounou and Didier Payen, entitled: "Cutaneous Earlobe PCO2 at 37[degrees]C to Evaluate Micro Perfusion in Septic Patients.
Turn to page 36 to read the poem "A Rhino Has My Earlobe.
Abel Mounir, of the Transform cosmetic surgery group, said: "It looks as though she's received the ribbon treatment from the gathering of skin just below her earlobe.
The worker reported to a local urgent care clinic in Virginia in July 2008 because of symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, discharge from his earlobe and fever.
Studies of adult patients: The fingertip or, more commonly, the lower tip of the earlobe are the usual sites of capillary-blood sampling in adults, and the most common method of arterialization is application of a vasodilating cream (e.