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quality of coming early or earlier in time

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Early / Tardy problem with distinct due dates that considers n jobs ready at time zero and each job has its own distinct due date, earliness penalty and tardiness penalty with the objective to minimize the total penalties of earliness and tardiness.
During yield testing, the main selection criteria were earliness, high yield potential, and upright plant type with acceptable seed and canning quality.
The study of earliness and tardiness penalties in scheduling models is a relatively recent area of inquiry.
After a breakfast of croissants and coffee on board, all grumpiness at the earliness of our start had evaporated.
This reddish English apple is good for sauce and for earliness alone--the season's first apple always tastes pretty good, even though it may not hold up against later varieties.
The authors begin with an introduction and overview of sequencing and scheduling, including single-machine sequencing, optimization and heuristic solution methods, and models with earliness and tardiness penalties.
Key words: Genetic variability; inbreeding depression; heritability; correlation; earliness and yield related traits; F3 populations; upland cotton
Increasing the HA level up to 1500 mg L-1 was able to improve plant height, number of leaves, fresh weight of root and shoot, earliness, number of flowers per cluster, leaf N, P and K contents and fruit yield per plant of tomato under salinity stress compared to control treatment.
Because of their earliness, high quality and concentrated fruit set, June-bearers are the best for preserving.
Effects of substrate and cultivar on earliness, plant productivity, and fruit quality of strawberry.
These solutions should successfully minimize the holding costs of the work-in-process inventory, the production costs, the penalty costs of the parts which are over-/underproduced, as well as the tardiness time costs and the setup costs, in order to maximize the earliness time.
Trehill farm, surrounded by sea on three sides with views of the famous bird islands of Skomer and Skokholm, produces traditional early potato varieties selected for earliness and flavour.
Masstock smart farm and R&D manager David Langton said: "HGCA recommended list earliness of maturity ratings have always shown clear varietal differences.
and agronomic merits including plant vigor, height, and earliness.
We understand the City pair returned to the hotel around 4am, and the precise reasons for their lateness - or should that be earliness - we will probably never know.