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quality of coming early or earlier in time

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Earliness and lateness continue to determine how this physical
It is found from the above table that in the Simulated Annealing approach all the parameters such as total earliness (8583minutes), total tardiness (7714minutes) and the combined objective function(13728) were minimized.
In our view, the oddness of (6)-(7) on a nonironic interpretation shows that both deja and gia do indeed convey such a sense of earliness in these examples, and as we see no way to cancel this element of sense, we must be dealing with a conventional, as opposed to a purely conversational, implicature:
She steps out into a fast-lifting cloud an earliness of light filtering
If there's a greater sadness than the relative earliness of his passing at the age of 65, it is that he had so few years of happiness with his second wife Jan.
The findings from the moderating effect of the length of Internet adoption on the relationship of CFO with both customer satisfaction and supply chain responsiveness are consistent with prior research, which shows significant relationships between the earliness of adoption of Internet technology and both its diffusion and infusion in an organization (Eder and Igbaria 2001).
There was incommunicable earliness in everything, a sense of waking and beginning.
When they produce a true positive, they don't tell you what you're dealing with, so they must be coupled with old-fashioned epidemiology, which trims the earliness of the early warning.
73) Considering the parvan's history as the only setting in which the Narayaniya's theism could be climactic, and weighing supposed evidence for both the earliness and lateness of the tale of gleaning, he decides that the latter "cannot easily be explained as a mere afterthought or appendix" and that it "constitutes perhaps the strongest argument against a definite structure to the Moksa-dharma" (p.
Furthermore, the competition among the consumer electronics industries forces a kind of JIT manufacturing philosophy to avoid both earliness and tardiness.
Gurr describes the earliness of the Rome of Coriolanus, notably in terms of early modern English views of republican government as an indicator of a culture in formation ("Coriolanus and the Body Politic," 67-68).
The earliness of this year's show has some vendors scrambling to get samples completed and showrooms designed.
Earliness is a boon for growers, Ramming points out, because "it reduces the chance that the crop could be damaged by unseasonably early rains in the fall.
The campers didn't surprise Pacific Renaissance sales agent Melissa Loprino, but the earliness of their arrival did.