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the dignity or rank or position of an earl or countess

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the domain controlled by an earl or count or countess

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This unvarying focus will suit the knowledgeable Scottish historian, but lay readers might have appreciated a little more of a helping hand in understanding, for instance, the politics of the time and the legal weight of the two opposing claims to the earldom of Ross out of which the conflict sprang.
Cynthia Neville's Native Lordship in Medieval Scotland: The Earldoms of Strathearn and Lennox).
John Stanley 18th Earl of Derby 1918-1994 The eldest son of Lord Stanley inherited Alycidon along with the earldom from his grandfather in 1948, and that colt became the greatest stayer of the post-war era with a historic victory in the 1949 Ascot Gold Cup.
And if you were British and found it to where the canoeing was being held you were awarded an Earldom and the right to graze sheep on the top of Bruce Forsyth's head for four score years and ten.
Thomas Douglas, born in 1771 in Kircudbright, Scotland, was not brought up as the legal heir of the earldom, but owing to the death of older brothers he became the Fifth Earl of Selkirk in 1799.
Chapter 9 summarizes Tany's own accounts with reference to the biblical and English roots of his pedigree as well as historical explanations of the known details about the earldom of Essex leading up to Tany's claim to the English crown in 1650.
Robert, Lord Rich, did not enjoy the earldom of Warwick for long either, dying in 1659.
The topography, geology and general tenurial history are clearly stated, and the development of the earldom (later duchy) of Cornwall is recounted.
The characters were scrutinised in a modern and meaningful way in the Big Brother Diary Room chair, with Buckingham talking about his feelings at being refused the earldom, whilst Richard and Tyrell talked tactics in the kitchen, planning and plotting to get the princes 'voted out'.
2 after Richard denies Buckingham's request for the promised earldom.
Does Viscount Chump suddenly inherit the earldom and become an earl, as the earldom is apparently vacant?
When Grenville and Fox came into power in January 1806, Grey, now Lord Howick, because of his father's elevation to an earldom, became First Lord of the Admiralty, and later, after the death of Fox, succeeded him and became Secretary for Foreign Affairs.
He pressed and won his claim to the earldom of Leicester, and married King Henry III's sister, Eleanor.
1385-1421), already Baron Maltravers by right from his grandmother, succeeded to the earldom.
Succeeding to the earldom as a minor in 1562, Oxford studied at Queens' College and St.