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the dignity or rank or position of an earl or countess

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the domain controlled by an earl or count or countess

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This unvarying focus will suit the knowledgeable Scottish historian, but lay readers might have appreciated a little more of a helping hand in understanding, for instance, the politics of the time and the legal weight of the two opposing claims to the earldom of Ross out of which the conflict sprang.
Two Viking political entities--the Kingdom of Man and the Earldom of Orkney--are compared and the curious absence of native saints in the Hebrides and the Isle of Man is investigated.
Freedman, the protagonist is a distant and disinherited member of the D'Ysquith family who slays his way to Earldom.
He was awarded an earldom shortly before his death in March 1945.
Diana, born near Sandringham, Norfolk, in July 1961, became Lady Diana Spencer when her father John inherited his earldom in 1975.
Their father held the earldom from which the de Bourgh and Darcy pride presumably stems.
Its patrons were the de Hayas, hereditary constables of Lincoln, with close links to the earldom, until the death of Alice de Lacy, the last of the earls of Lincoln in her own right, caused the patronage to revert to the crown.
1) it was only upon his inheritance of the Earldom in 1883 that he held the title Wemyss, having previously been Lord Elcho.
Northumbria, the earldom just south of the Scottish border, was the main focal point of these raids.
Prior to his accession to the earldom, Robert Bermingham Clements had retired early from the Navy, but had no interest in learning from bis uncle how to manage an estate successfully.
The earldom links the couple to Scotland, where they fell in love at university, while Carrickfergus is the oldest town in County Antrim, predating Belfast.
It also fits in with the tradition of giving a prince a dukedom or an earldom when he takes a bride.
The Lumley family was then promoted to the Earldom of Scarborough in 1690.
00pm) Aliena and her child are exiled to France, Philip is ousted as prior of Kingsbridge, and Richard returns - and petitions the king for his earldom once again.