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Paul's bio, an industry backgrounder, F-A-Qs and an Earful fact sheet are available on request.
The agreement allows up to 150 Earful corporate and franchise units to be co-located at premier U.
Shareholders will now be asked to approve the adoption of the Earful of Books, Inc.
com, both of Kirk Public Relations, for Earful of Books.
Martin, of East London, sent in this winning caption to our picture of United boss Sir Alex Ferguson giving an earful to his star striker Wayne Rooney.
From this, he groups fans into 10 categories: those who love too much, know the score, run in front, see green, misbehave, are short, get an earful, just enjoy it, walk away and are true believers.
But there was no love lost as the actress gave her husband an earful in full view of stunned passers- by.
Paul Rush, President of Earful of Books -- a 16-unit "superstore" operation based in Austin, Texas -- will serve on the board of Pearlman & Baine Media LLC (P&B), parent company of Audiobookcafe.
NYSE:BBI), the global leader in rentable home entertainment, has announced an agreement with Austin, TX-based Earful of Books, Inc.
And Jared Nelson got an earful at school, with students he didn't even know walking up to him and asking, ``What are you doing, man?
The manager endured an earful of "Sort it out Sturrock" as he trudged down the tunnel.
One day prior to the release of her third Curb project, Messina gave listeners an earful with 90 minutes of great music, interviews, and live performances
In addition to those lucky enough to be inside the club, thousands of fans gathered outside the venue to catch an earful of the performance.
Cota got an earful from his teammates when he returned to the dugout.
Four additional stores are planned for the Richmond, Fredericksburg and Charlottesville areas beginning in early 2001, reports Earful of Books of Virginia, a local investment group headed by Richard O.