eared grebe

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small grebe with yellow ear tufts and a black neck

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dabbling duck 0 0 400 Redhead 0 933 14 Ring-necked Duck 0 0 0 Canvasback 0 0 1 Lesser Scaup 0 0 15 Ruddy Duck 0 2 22 Eared Grebe 0 11 4 Clark's Lire be 0 7 0 Db-crested Cormorant 0 1 0 American White Pelican 59 70 19 (.
The March botulism outbreak claimed mostly eared grebes, although 16 white pelicans died as well.
In 1992, an estimated 150,000 smaller and more common eared grebes died on an inland lake in California that apparently had been contaminated by industrial runoff.
Once on the ground, the eared grebes, which have giant webbed feet set far back on their bodies, foundered helplessly because they can only become airborne from water.
For a fishless lake, Mono feeds a surprising number and variety of migrating and nesting birds, including nearly a third of North America's eared grebes.
For most of the shrimp, this idyll will end with the fall arrival of three-quarters of a million eared grebes, en route to the Gulf of California from the Great Plains.
Often uncrowded, even when town is jammed, it offers a mile-long crescent of sparkling white sand-and the Carmel River Lagoon and Wetlands Natural Preserve, set aside in 1985 and now a rushthick haven for herons, eared grebes, common goldeneyes, and brown pelicans.
You'll also see thousands of American avocets, eared grebes, common snipes.