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the membrane in the ear that vibrates to sound

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I woke up my fiance David shouting; 'Look at this blood,' and then the penny dropped, I must have burst my eardrum.
Systemic antibiotics versus topical treatments for chronically discharging ears with underlying eardrum perforations.
For chronic sufferers of altitude-related ear pain, they occasionally insert small permanent tubes in the eardrum to help ventilate the space.
Because the eardrum is a thin, elastic membrane that is stretched as tight as a drum, it vibrates when it is hit.
This allows air into the eustachian tube and makes the air pressure on both sides of your eardrum equal.
Since the bone conduction headphones do not rely on a user's eardrums to transmit sounds, they can be positioned comfortably right outside the ear, preventing soreness and discomfort that often occurs from wearing conventional headphones.
fiance ting; ood,' and then the penny dropped, I must have burst my eardrum.
But last year, the agency basically banned the use of these drops in patients with perforated eardrums.
Sonomax has invented a unique expansion earpiece, the SonoCustom(R), which is a highly efficient gatekeeper between sounds and eardrums.
A NEW set of headphones designed to protect children's eardrums have a blast-free decibel level that only goes up to 85, which is less than a train whistle.
women make some magic in the team event Wednesday, or Hamm make more history the next night, the noise Saturday rattled enough eardrums to remind us of a Giguere headstand save to preserve another Stanley Cup Finals victory just a few months ago.
We discovered during this process that the eardrums that had the highest closure rates were those that had been treated with either ciprofloxacin/hydrocortisone or ciprofloxacin alone, as opposed to vehicle or saline.
It turns out, however, that the fly's eardrums are connected.
This weekend in Huntington, he decided to rattle some eardrums - especially his partner's - and he and Doble won six consecutive matches and closed out the tournament title with a 21-16, 21-16 victory over Todd Rogers and Sean Scott.
New information obtained from gentamicin studies has since prompted otolaryngologists in North America to rethink our practice patterns and become much more cautious about using topical aminoglycosides in patients with perforated eardrums.