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Synonyms for ear-shaped

having a shape resembling an ear

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In the 1930s, anthropologist Charles Wisdom observed the Chorti Maya of Guatemala putting maize ear-shaped copal in their granaries to protect new harvests.
On his down-home, stewlike braised beef cheeks entree effort ($18), Lentz sprays crisped, ear-shaped orecciette pasta and adds a companion dollop or two of roasted peppers and tomatoes.
Their scale is virtually identical (owing, no doubt, to the requirements of standard arm lengths), and the shape formed by the gun's handle and clip is able to serve the same purpose as the ear-shaped cutouts on a violin body (there to facilitate bowing).
Despite its high price of $60 per pound, this ear-shaped creature (sometimes called "sea ear") is worth each delectable bite.
And any future player who performs for the club like Chunk will be handed the bashed ear-shaped trophy at the end of the season.
Card tricks, itching powder, fart sweets, false ears, false breasts, ear-shaped breasts, breast-shaped ears, you name it we had it in there.
95) and ear-shaped orechiette with a wild mushroom and tomato-bechamel combination sauce ($10.
Bright red and yellow in design with Mickey ear-shaped speakers, the new Mickey CD Boombox brings magical sights and sounds to kids, with three interchangeable face plates and a 30-track programmable CD player that plays CD and CD-R/RW disks through stereo speakers.
50) and big enough to share, along with respectable renditions of corn bread (nice and fluffy), macaroni and cheese (made with orrechiette, the small ear-shaped pasta), baked beans, coleslaw, fries, steamed veggies and rice.
A DUNDEE butcher produces "Tyson burgers" - ear-shaped, with a bit missing.
75), none of them really boring repeats of the puttanesca or arabbiatta plates seen everywhere now, include tagliolini in a vegetable ragu, fettuccine with lobster, linguine and clams with bottarga (pressed roe) and artichokes, agnolotti stuffed with cheese and baby squash flowers in a truffle sauce, and ear-shaped orecchiette with broccoli rabe, sausage and buffalo mozzarella.
Holyfield's lawyers sent the owner of the Candy Factory a cease-and-desist letter to prevent further sale of the Earvander-Tyson Bites, ear-shaped chocolates with fake teeth marks.
95), a bowl of ear-shaped shells sporting a pork rib, rolled veal and a flavorful ragu sauce perked up with fresh basil.
Such interesting under-$10 dishes as calamari alla posillipo - a cold baby squid and shrimp recipe with black olives, capers and bell peppers in fresh lemon juice with extra virgin olive oil - and stacchioddi alla guisi - ear-shaped pasta in a ragu sauce with rolled veal, pork rib and fresh basil - should attract as much attention as the other Valley Toto did.