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a conical acoustic device formerly used to direct sound to the ear of a hearing-impaired person


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Not quite everyone," replied the other, giving me a prophetic smile, which suggested warm tea, ear trumpets, a tartan rug and a bath-chair.
THE iPod generation is going to end up swapping its trendy white earplugs for ear trumpets, according to medical experts this week.
The Beethoven House is crammed full of original manuscripts of famous symphonies, paintings and portraits of the master, his last grand piano and even the ear trumpets he used during his cruel descent into deafness.
And the FA, who through their ear trumpets probably thought the managers were asking for more blazer-clad councillors, put the matter under "serious consideration".
Just 25km south of Cologne, the famous attraction in Bonn is the Beethoven-Haus museum containing the composer's first viola, last pianoforte, notebooks, spectacles and the famous ear trumpets.
The installation consisted of oversize ear trumpets that, when activated by visitors, play fragments of Ludwig van Beethoven's late works, forming a location-specific link to Bonn, the composer's birthplace.
It was reported at the Stafford Board of Guardians on Saturday that the late Mr George Peach had left a legacy of pounds 5, which he desired to be expended on ear trumpets for those inmates of the workhouse infirmary who stood in need of them.
Long Room geriatrics haven't needed ear trumpets to hear the fanfares greeting KP's debut, and he said: "I chat to Warney every day.
Sadly, no ear trumpets were available but our bottle of house white -a decent Chilean sauvignon at pounds 14.