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a conical acoustic device formerly used to direct sound to the ear of a hearing-impaired person


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But I didn't need my ear trumpet to hear another noise inside the lounge of our house, where I was gabbing to a pal about the outrageous cost of cod, the growing menace of juvenile delinquency and the irresistible lure of Birkenhead as a holiday destination.
But when asked about her late arrival on stage and screen, she would sit in a retirement home for entertainers, ear trumpet primed, claiming that she could not remember a thing about her life.
Tynecastle chief Vladimir Romanov spoke to Ranieri through an ear trumpet.
I mean, if you're a 93-year-old Crimean War veteran with two wooden legs, an ear trumpet and the belief things starting going down hill when Bismark 'got soft' on the Prussians, you might well check out what that young whippersnapper Dan O'Neill is up to.
One pictures 'Bazza' these days being wheeled out in a bath chair, a tartan blanket wrapped about his knees with an ear trumpet cocked in the air.
Space Trumpet allows the viewer to climb into a shed on stilts, placed at the listening end of a giant ear trumpet.
And if Jack's coming, I'll bring along my granny's old ear trumpet.
She'll also listen to baby's heartbeat, using either a Pinard stethoscope, which looks like an ear trumpet, or a sonicaid, an electronic stethoscope that amplifies baby's heartbeat so you can hear it - a great thrill
they whisper, as if Osama himself was sipping a lager in the corner armed with an ear trumpet.
There is not much wrong with the Gaffer's eyesight, but the old boy must need an ear trumpet because everyone else seemed to hear the nick Heath Streak extracted with the second new ball.
This huge space has needed something equally gargantuan to fill it for some time, and Mr Kapoor has, which his vast red ear trumpet design, more than answered the brief.