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a physician who specializes in the ear and its diseases

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Because this condition is still not widely recognized by many excellent ear, nose, and throat doctors, it is wise for singing teachers and their students to be familiar with it, and to ask an ear specialist about it if inner ear symptoms develop.
If not, she indicates that a consultation with an ear specialist might be in order.
I conclude that either a) I need an ear specialist or b) there is a radio switched on under his pillow.
A 10-year-old girl is seen by an audiologist in Nome who takes a picture of her eardrum and sends it to an ear specialist in Anchorage.
Sherwood's agent, Eric Hall, told the SP: "I look after him but I'm not an ear specialist.
He covered the ear to prevent further sound stress and got to another ear specialist just as quickly as possible.
Ouch report: Kobe Bryant might see another ear specialist today about his nagging ear infection.
Ann Byrn of the Vanderbilt Balance and Hearing Center offer of retraining and opened a tinnitus center at Vanderbilt with ear specialist Dr.
Many patients come to the ear specialist quite convinced their pain is from an ear infection.
The technique, known as middle ear implant, has been pioneered by Mr David Proops, a senior ear specialist at the hospital.
And according to Dr Li, an ear specialist, from Zhuhai Second People's Hospital, it would take at least two months for the girl's hearing to return to normal.
Sheedy explained: "Ryan went to Nenagh first but they didn't have an ear specialist so he was moved to St Vincent's Hospital in Dublin.
We are also going to see an ear specialist to assess that damage.
You can buy ear drops to help soften ear wax but, as some products may irritate your ears, you shouldn't use them unless your doctor or ear specialist has prescribed them.
The ear specialist I visited, Neil Geddes, told me my equilibrium had gone after 30 seconds on Saturday night.