ear hole

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a hole (as in a helmet) for sound to reach the ears

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The DB's eyes should now be focused on the receiver's ear hole (helmet).
They stand there, bless 'em, going through the motions with a yellow inflatable and must feel like giving that whistle a blast down some poor sod's ear hole to see if that attracts their attention.
down the ear hole as we prepared to watch the Fulham v Liverpool game on the TV.
If Ms Cox knew her ear hole from her armpit, she'd have taken Beauty round to Fivelands, the veterinary centre, about a seven-minute walk from her Moseley home, to be vaccinated and microchipped at about ten weeks old.
Defenders suffering from GBH of the ear hole the world over would beg to disagree, but there can be no doubt that he has talent to burn.
p THE EAR GRAB The ear grab is a symbolic attempt by the listener to 'hear no evil' - other variations include rubbing the back of the ear pulling at the ear lobe or bending the entire ear forward to cover the ear hole
Just let the wax come to the outside on its own and clean around the outside the ear hole with a facecloth
I put my arms around her and everyone thinks I'm trying to tongue her ear hole.
It was worth getting a clip round the ear hole for getting grass stains on it.
The WR must dip his trunk and take his outside ear hole to the DB's backside leg, just beneath his knees.
Little Luca was clearly not averse to the attentions of a couple of older women, although Ellie's probing toe in his ear hole proved a little too personal.
I've been right in his ear hole - just pulling his leg - telling him we need him to play because he'd be terrific.
A functional ear hole design allows players to hear teammates while allowing for easy-on, easy-off access.
How refreshing to be able to hear the thumps and bangs of honest and committed contact, and to have to keep your wits about you as a full-back prepared to clear to touch for fear you may cop one straight in the ear hole.
They got in the ear hole of the referee, saying the pitch was not fit.