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Over the last 12 months numerous reservists from HMS Eaglet have served at sea in the Mediterranean, the Gulf and the West Indies as well as duties in t he USA and with ISAF - the multi-national force in Afghanistan.
Eaglet was also a big shareholder in Apollo Metals before last year's buy-out.
Eaglet came to the conclusion it was management - and not the tough market - that was to blame and started demanding changes.
More than 100,000 merchant seamen trained at Eaglet during the war.
He came across most of the Midland companies Eaglet now invests in way back in the depths of the last recession.
Now Eaglet is keen to enter the arena again with trust manager Peter Webb putting his side of the story.
The eaglet was seen soaring above Lake Erie near Erie, PA by Jimmie Marz on Aug.
Eaglet holds more than 20 per cent of the company's shares while the Tomkinsons family retains around 18 per cent.
Chairman Mr Vaughan McLeod said Eaglet Investment Trust and 3i, both major investors in Blockleys, were supportive of his bid.
Ritchie Stead and Keith Pemberton were fishing from their own 18ft boat' Nirvana', anchored in the river facing HMS Eaglet, not far from the Pier Head.
The cheque was presented by Commodore John Madgwick at HMS Eaglet, the Royal Navy and Marines headquarters in Brunswick Dock, Toxteth, where officers marked the occasion with a guard of honour.
Most photos in the book focus on the eaglet Sinabadan, whose name means 'unity' in the dialect of the Bagobo Tagabawa tribe.
Among today's events were the Merseyside police displays in Chavasse Park, the HMS Eaglet centenary parade, dinghy races, Royal Marines, and at 3.
Philip Fudge has not been seen since he attended a party held at the bar of HMS Eaglet barracks on December 10, 1995, when he was 21.
Tomorrow,however,Rachael is on home ground once more, appearing in a special Philharmonic Hall centenary concert in honour of HMS Eaglet.