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powerful free-swimming tropical ray noted for 'soaring' by flapping winglike fins

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Spotted eagle rays (Aetobatus narinari)--whose leopard-patterned wings can stretch wider than a human is tali--are ecotourism icons but are fished for consumption in several places.
BEIRUT: Environmentalists decried Wednesday the use of illegal nets by fishermen after a group of pregnant eagle rays were found dead near Tyre, the National News Agency reported.
The clear blue waters of the Caribbean ocean are less than 15ft away and the 32-year-old conservationist enjoys his breakfast porridge watching eagle rays jump and sharks circle.
My favourite things were the baby turtles and eagle rays jumping out the water.
As the marine biologist, Madhupal, enquired about it from the local fishermen, he was told that the spotted eagle rays, also called bonnet ray or maylan, had died after getting entangled in the beach seines and gillnets (used for catching fish).
It's beautiful and there are eagle rays and giant turtles to see.
Conditions for snorkelling in the Maldives are ideal with crystal clear calm waters and scores of unusual sealife to ogle, from small white-tipped sharks and eagle rays through to colourful parrot fish and black and white fish I called the Chanel species, for their distinctive monochrome markings.
Surrounded by glass, the space is lined with benches that invite you to stay for a while as eagle rays and scores of technicolor fish soar overhead.
Dibba Rock is one of his favourites, as it includes an abundance of sea creatures including black tip sharks, eagle rays, devil rays, guitar sharks and stingrays.
Turtles, nurse sharks, eagle rays, lobsters, moray eels, groupers and spotted drum provide endless photography opportunities, and 200-foot visibility is not unusual.
The visits with various grouper fish, eagle rays and sharks (about as gracious as hungry snackers during happy hour) are enjoyable, especially with the 3-D making bottlenose dolphins pop out at you from time to time.
Cutting up 800lbs of seafood and serving it to the eagle rays and adult sharks is not a job she welcomes.
NAUSICAA's staff describe it as a remarkable underwater ballet where shoals of yellow, blue and red fish share the ring with hammerhead sharks, Napoleon fish and eagle rays.
These show that she regularly eats octopus, squid, coral groupers and eagle rays.
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