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And after the owner came forward, an RSPCA spokeswoman said: "We are delighted to announce the European eagle owl which had been found has now been reunited with its owners.
European eagle owl |Wingnut on patrol in Mowbray Park, Sunderland
They are pictured with Barnie the Barn Owl and Mrs Robinson, a European eagle owl DOUG MOODY
She added: "The eagle owl is a lot bigger than any owl we have living in Britain.
75 platforms for eagle owls (40), lesser spotted eagles (20) and black storks (15);
The event was launched at the zoo with the help of feathered resident, African spotted eagle owl Kaiser.
CUTE ADDITIONS European Eagle Owl chicks born at Beamish Wild Adventure Park, just in time for the Easter holidays
Three barn owls, two Harris hawks, two buzzards, a lanner falcon and an eagle owl were found after either escaping from a home or being dumped.
From the dwarf owl to the great Eagle Owl moves the philosophical family.
An eagle owl, described as somewhere between the size of a snowy owl and a golden eagle, landed in the back garden of a house in the Pontcanna area of the city yesterday morning.
Last night two birds, a tawny owl and a Pharaoh eagle owl were still missing.
The flight of a Eurasian eagle owl was eerie for other reasons - it is absolutely silent in flight so as to better sneak up on its prey.
As Arvid, 28, asked Machteld van Gils to be his wife, a Bengal eagle owl, with the platinum band attached to it, landed on her hand.
The 2ft high European Eagle Owl, who goes by the name of Mr Whoo, broke loose in October after storms blew a hole in his cage at Clyne Farm Centre, near the Mumbles, Swansea.
Betty White and her friends at The Lifeline Program have adopted a Eurasian Eagle Owl at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens in honor of Bill Cosby, who turns 75 on Thurs.
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