eager beaver

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  • noun

Synonyms for eager beaver

an intensely energetic, enthusiastic person

Synonyms for eager beaver

an alert and energetic person

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Especially when he sees all those other eager-beaver journalists surrounding me, battering away at their word-processors like Woody Woodpecker headbutting a tree.
In a summer of explosions, "Severance" might have the biggest -- certainly the funniest -- in a scene involving an eager-beaver weapons specialist and a wayward missile.
For Rangers, despite predictably having most of the possession and having a real eager-beaver in Nacho Novo, never really sparkled.
What makes The Office so painful to watch is each time Brent's eager-beaver face pops up, the audience can't help but will him on, urging him to pull off an unlikely triumph and become, even momentarily, likeable.
After such a precedent, it became a simple matter for eager-beaver internationalists during the Bush and Clinton eras to dispatch American troops to the likes of Somalia, Kosovo, and Bosnia to fight on behalf of the United Nations.
He's an eager-beaver cadet who's thrilled to get his first assignment in a Paris precinct -- even though that means leaving his schoolteacher wife in provincial Normandy for long, lonesome stretches.
But the plus factors of that first half cannot be overstated, particularly the goal-hungry eager-beaver front-line pairing of Rangers' Kris Boyd and Celtic's Kenny Miller.
Put that eager-beaver attitude to good use where things are really negotiated slowly.
McLeish's men didn't let anyone down with an early breakthrough followed by a swaggering show led by the eager-beaver darts of Arveladze.
NICKY BUTT: Another of those eager-beaver young guns in midfield.
That left Colin Cameron to eager-beaver away, with the responsibility for picking passes from midfield given to the amazingly mature Darren Fletcher.
Allison Smith plays an eager-beaver student, but don't be fooled.