eager beaver

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Synonyms for eager beaver

an intensely energetic, enthusiastic person

Synonyms for eager beaver

an alert and energetic person

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If the opener was a good indication of what's to come, we're going to have a great time watching the remaining applicants squirming and scrabbling during various tasks as they bid to get their hands on the glittering prize - we began with 14 hopefuls and are already down to 13 as one eager beaver is fired by Sugar each week.
Recognizable soldier types are extraordinarily well drawn here: the eager beaver Yokoyama, the despised "Captain Centipede" who commands by-the-book and loses his authority to Nakamura, the Korean Captain Kon who wants to be considered as brave as a true Japanese, a clever Okinawan soldier who performs the impossible feat of contacting headquarters on another island during the siege--only to bring sad news of abandonment--and a comfort woman who is an angel of mercy to tormented soldiers and who apparently mowed down Americans with a discarded automatic.
2 million associated with the purchase of Eager Beaver Car Wash and Red Baron Truck Wash.
It will be written by me, Spread Eagle, with a little help from my girlfriend, Eager Beaver.
The car washes in Mace's Florida Region are called Eager Beaver and are all full service car wash locations.
And it's never helped by the eager beaver in front of you, who insists on putting their chair back just as you get your drink put down in front of you.
I was completely the eager beaver in school and it's often not cool to be the first to put their hand up and be out there.
A total of 15 teams from three schools took part in the ICI Eager Beaver Award competition, spending a day making videos at local IC works.
There was plenty of eager beaver bustle, the energy of the competent and enthusiastic waiters adding to the occasion.
To be scrupulously fair,most of us aren't that keen on an eager beaver from Labour, the Lib Dems or Plaid Cymru coming round either.
Larry: My goodness, you certainly are an eager beaver to get general semantics out to the public.
The new boats replace the old Eager Beaver rubbish collecting vessel.
Add the statistic that 11 farmers go to the wall every week and you can see what a challenge this eager beaver has taken on.
And they created the look with styles from Ireland's top high-street stores and the country's top designers, including Chica, Pamela Scott, Louis Copeland, Mango, Thomas Pink, Eager Beaver, Marks & Spencer, AdHoc, Oasis, Blacktie, Rococo, Bond Brothers and many more.