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Synonyms for eager

Synonyms for eager

Synonyms for eager

a high wave (often dangerous) caused by tidal flow (as by colliding tidal currents or in a narrow estuary)

having or showing keen interest or intense desire or impatient expectancy

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Eager was as full of spirituality and culture as she had been led to suppose.
Eager is really the same as the one we are going with Mr.
Eager who forgot when he told us, or whether they have decided to leave Eleanor out altogether--which they could scarcely do--but in any case we must be prepared.
Also there were men boxing and wrestling, and huntsmen chasing swift hares with a leash of sharp-toothed dogs before them, they eager to catch the hares, and the hares eager to escape.
413-423) Then Cycnus, eager to kill the son of almighty Zeus, struck upon his shield with a brazen spear, but did not break the bronze; and the gift of the god saved his foe.
Established in 1895, Watkins & Eager is a full-service, diversified law firm specializing in a multitude of practice areas.
With 11 seconds left, Sheffield tried their own long pass into the end zone but this time Eager, who was also playing on defence, sealed the game with an interception, securing the Merseysiders a magnificent 35-31 success.
The Eager App Platform will be integrated into Cloudflare's existing infrastructure, offering a single marketplace for customers and developers.
Understandably, Miss Eager is nervous about going because it is so far away and experiencing such a different culture to the North of England, but she is looking forward to the challenge the new experiences will bring.
BEIRUT: The Lebanese people are eager to maintain the best ties with Saudi Arabia, Former Minister Faisal Karami, a Sunni ally of Hezbollah, said Wednesday.
Critique: Exceptionally well organized and presented, "Excellent Books for Early and Eager Readers" is a practical and comprehensive reference that is very highly recommended for librarians, teachers, and home schooling parents to encourage children who love to read for pleasure and purpose alike.
Eager followed his grandchildren's participation in sports in West Boylston and beyond.
For one night only you'll have the chance to hear possibly the world's three most famous composers, Handel, Haydn and Mozart, in the same concert," says Eager.
Recently described as "splendid" by The Times, Eager describes Welsh Sinfonia as "Wales' finest professional chamber orchestra players" and urges those who may not have experienced a classical music concert to come along.
And after being a part of Europe's incredible last-day victory over the US in the Ryder Cup, McIlroy admits he is eager for more.