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as an example

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By contrast, a number of recent LIS articles (see, e.
The virtual object might represent a physical object, e.
This piece is less a critique of the Report than a presentation of the arguments for disclosure of individual APAs (see the background discussion below) and displays a lack of hands-on experience with the APA process, e.
For every object, different tools can be defined, e.
The tax-free acquisition of other accounting firms or their separately incorporated divisions; e.
Any individual who is a relief worker affiliated with a recognized government or philanthropic organization and who is assisting in a covered disaster area; see, e.
The exceptions to this rule involve months in which a numerical date does not exist on the calendar, e.
This determination depends on the facts and circumstances; see, e.
Since its inception, the Human Genome Project has attempted to follow a policy of free and open access to genetic and genomic data e.
mild feelings of insecurity, trouble focusing, loss of purpose, low self-efficacy, irritation, hypersensitivity, open defiance, irrational fears, depression, insomnia, and severe anxiety; e.
Perhaps the most studied drugs in relation to falls are the long-acting benzodiazepines (LABZs), e.
Thirty-four percent of the responses indicated no questions about middle school (n = 31), 16% of responses centered on rules and procedures (n = 15; e.