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as an example

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According to authors such as Jollie (1975) and Wilson & Veilleux (1982) the adults of genera as e.
The Astronesthes specimens dissected exhibit a condition similar to that described for CS-1, while certain members of this genus appear to exhibit a condition similar to that described for CS-0 (see e.
10) Philosophers typically take this to be the goal of information seekers (see, e.
However, as a number of library and information scientists have recently argued (see, e.
At times the user might want to compare two pieces of information in two, side-by-side windows, e.
The problem with this approach is that other applications specifically designed for creating text and 2D objects; e.
In some cases, only a division of the business may go public; e.
Any estate or mast whose tax records needed to meet a postponed tax deadline are maintained in a covered disaster area; see, e.
Source Income Subject to Withholding; or 8027, Employer's Annual Information Return on Tip Income and Allocated Tips, or to employment and excise tax deposits; see, e.
Forty percent of the responses selected friends (n = 52), 23% chose teachers (n = 30), 19% selected parents (n = 25), 11% selected other family (n = 14; e.
In addition, for people with mild MR, although multivariate and thematic personality measures may tend to elicit concrete, stereotyped, and repetitive responses, structured mental status examinations have been developed for this population, e.
Moreover, where the patient is not homebound, payment for this item in the patient's home should be restricted to the cost of providing the service elsewhere, e.
There was evidence of indebtedness with respect to the transfers to the two sons, by virtue of the two notes they signed promising, to repay the two $100,000 loans (see, e.
minority interest) rather than the interest transferred by the donor e.
4) This is already the case for some publications; see, e.