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Synonyms for telecommuting

employment at home while communicating with the workplace by phone or fax or modem


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UWV's E-working programme intends to further automate a large number of customer processes.
We have asked members of Coventry University to give a short talk on e-working and improving work-life balance as this is an issue we are all having to address.
But as commute times get longer, roads get more congested and buses get more crowded, working at home - teleworking, remote working, e-working, whatever you want to call it - is now a viable option.
BA's reservations and departure control system "BABS" was originally developed in the 1960's and has given excellent service, however British Airways recognises that it is now more advantageous to share basic functions with other airlines and to concentrate its IT resource on e-Commerce and e-Working.
Contract notice: Project writing service, health and safety study, site management, e-working, health and safety coordination and geotechnical study for new ceip c3 (phase 1, model c21) in roquetas de mar, las marinas (almerE[degrees]a )
It outlines a range of flexible working arrangements including job-sharing, flexi-time, career breaks, e-working and employee assistance programmes.
The NHS has an annual training budget of pnds stlg 4 billion and Medify has plans to mount an aggressive sales and marketing campaign to ensure they capture a major share of the growing market for e-learning and e-working.
This has prompted the RAC Foundation and the Telework Association to call for more encouragement to be given to teleworking or e-working in order to cut traffic congestion.
Where the strain of mobile working and mobile internet usage will become apparent is when the technology that supports e-working dries up.
Also, there are options like tele-working and e-working which can relieve the stresses and strains of working in traffic.
eWork is a unique market-based exchange where project managers and e-working professionals can connect, engage and work together to complete projects online.