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(computer science) a system of world-wide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that can be regenerated at the recipient's terminal when the recipient logs in

communicate electronically on the computer

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Speak when possible: Instead of e-mailing someone in the same office, deliver the message verbally.
A flight attendant repeatedly asked the man in his 30s to stop e-mailing as JAL Flight 1864 bound for Tokyo's Haneda airport began moving to the runway, but he grabbed her by the lapels, insulted her and spat at her, JAL said.
Fewer than 17% of respondents reported recently e-mailing their physicians.
E-Mailing Lists take this useful tool one step further.
If you have already paid your dues, contact Lisa Dinackus, ELC Manager, by e-mailing ldinackus@aicpa.
ANNE MARIE BULL, e-mailing from Longford, Coventry, said: "Massey is also blaming the high pound among the reasons to close its factory.
Directors from a House of Representatives panel on Friday urged lawmakers to refrain from e-mailing on their cellular phones while the chamber is in session, panel members said.
Application kits are available by calling 301-435-0714, e-mailing grantsinfo@nih.
The school's chief master, Mr Roger Dancey, yesterday played down the incident and said it mainly involved two boys e-mailing each other outside school time.
A man e-mailing his granddaughter about the necessity of saving her money;
Further information specific to Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia is available by e-mailing information@css.
I have been wearing buttons, writing letters, going to the Dean Meetups, e-mailing my friends to get support and working for Dean at the local Democratic club,'' said Lutness, who supports Dean above the rest of the Democratic pack but said he will campaign for whichever Democrat is nominated.
And with cyberspace getting a big share of job applications, new protocols have emerged for job seekers as well: Should applicants send a hard copy resume after e-mailing it?
E-mailing data from one computer to another or to partners is a hassle and is prone to error.
He spends much of his free time - ``after homework,'' Susan says - e-mailing friends, checking his home pages and surfing the Internet.