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(computer science) a system of world-wide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that can be regenerated at the recipient's terminal when the recipient logs in

communicate electronically on the computer

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E-MAILERS across Warwickshire are being warned to be on the look-out for so-called "phishing" scams.
And there are the texters who have now become e-mailers.
E-mailers accused him of not being a real journalist, though he has 30 years of experience as a reporter.
This is important because phishing and spoofing schemes, where fraudulent e-mailers send e-mails under the guise of a recognized brand in an attempt to dupe recipients into giving up personal information, use real domains (such as @hsbc.
That's when the big-time spam e-mailers send their work.
Second, the prospect of instantaneous communication creates an urgency that pressures e-mailers to think and write quickly, which can lead to carelessness.
com/), a free service, which allows e-mailers to place time limits on messages before they self-destruct and in the meantime cannot be copied, printed or forwarded.
LAST week's assertion that Stilian Petrov needed to get his finger out and stop trying to sulk his way to a move hit the spot with a few e-mailers.
Among the biggest players online is America Online, and it recently made the controversial move of giving large e-mailers preferential treatment by paying a fee to bypass its spam filters through Goodmail Systems' CertifiedEmail service (www.
When you've done a few quid in recent weeks - as several e-mailers have rightly reminded me - you rely on a little help from old friends, and in Westmead Hawk and Sendintank I've the utmost faith.
The same people spreading spyware also have strong affiliations with junk e-mailers and spam.
Applying this rule quickly disposed of e-mailers who firmly told me that digs, a British word for lodgings, is actually from 'Dine-In GuestS', that the outmoded Australian term wowser for an excessively puritanical person is an acronym of 'We Only Want Social Evils Remedied', that gaff a British colloquialism for one's place of residence, derives from 'General Address For Friends', that news is actually a telegraphic abbreviation for 'North, East, South, and West', and that hep is an anti-Semitic slogan from 'Hierosolyma Est Perdita', Jerusalem is lost.
Observed Olbermann, "Something approaching 10 percent of the e-mailers used Dobson's generator to send notes of thanks for exposing 'Focus on the Family' for the knee-jerk reactionaries they are.
whose inflammatory comments about Strom Thurmond's past were mostly ignored by big media but kept alive by a "swarm of Webloggers, e-mailers, and other online journalists.