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standard formulations uniformly found in certain types of legal documents or news stories

thick plate iron used in the production of boilers

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LetterMark e-mail templates can be created for the overall firm and for individual practice areas, all carrying the logo and other graphic elements that distinguish the firm.
Again, you must cut and paste your customer's shipment tracking code into an e-mail template that includes a link to Airborne's online tracking utility.
It provides the user with: multiple identities and signatures, seamless access to e-mail accounts, robust junk mail filtering, pager or text-based phone notification, e-mail templates, blind send (a feature invented by MCS), spell checker, global message search capabilities and many more powerful features.
In addition to operating seamlessly as part of Microsoft Outlook, other features include branded, custom e-mail templates, a centralized collateral library, "virtual" attachments to avoid clogging recipients' inboxes, support for streaming video and other rich media, in-depth message tracking, and automatic read notification to help organizations capitalize on hot prospects.
Penetration testers can also now save and reuse e-mail templates across different tests, as well as take advantage of several different existing templates already built into the product.
Adding most-requested capabilities, the SalesGenius Winter 2007 Release introduces e-mail templates and wizards, response-based real-time reporting, and an innovative user interface for increased productivity and usability.