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standard formulations uniformly found in certain types of legal documents or news stories

thick plate iron used in the production of boilers

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Exclaimer provides e-mail signature software for deploying a companywide signature: marketers design a template and everyone's signature automatically updates to match.
NTRsupport's Integrated Session Code Interface, chat button, chat console, and e-mail signature button can be customized by the solution provider to reflect their own company branding.
Folks went above and beyond--they created videos, added the campaigns to their e-mail signature, and more.
DIS is the first in the industry to offer agents and affiliates their own e-mail signature quoting engine.
SpamAssassin provides a comprehensive set of features and support for methods and standards such as text based patterns, bayesian scoring, DNS based black and white lists, DKIM and SPF sender authentication, and e-mail signature clearing houses.
Edit your public profile's URL to reflect your name or tagline, then put it to work: add it to your blog, link to it from your website, include it in your e-mail signature.
It has been developed for large corporations, governments and banks providing two factor strong authentication for secure web login, windows PKI login to the desktop, e-mail signature, e-mail encryption and secure VPN access.
Hopkins' e-mail signature includes book information and a "buy now" button linked to a product purchase page at her publisher's Website.
By offering users the ability to click on the pull-down button next to the telephone number in an e-mail signature, for example, this technology eliminates manual dialing and misdialing and enhances productivity.
Create an e-mail signature with all contact information and also create a FROM address that includes your full name and business name (this will help set your e-mail apart from spam).
Deploy an e-mail signature as basic protection against phishing attacks: Companies should digitally sign their e-mails.