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htm) where you can get detailed instructions on how to view e-mail headers in more than 20 different e-mail programs as well as advice on how to avoid becoming victim of advance fee fraud, identity theft, and other online crimes.
Nasdaq: NTFY), a leading supplier of innovative call and message notification products and services, today announced a market trial of Notify's Visual Got Mail service and new eView 100 Internet voice appliance that enables Cincinnati Bell's customers to view e-mail headers without having to go online.
The eView 100 and the Visual Got Mail service enables dial-up e-mail users to see up to 10 new e-mail headers from one or more e-mail accounts from their Internet Service Provider(s) or e-mail service provider(s).
The current prototype successfully demonstrates the GETGO Mail card's ability to obtain Voice and E-mail header information and messages via a cellular telephone and/or a landline telephone.
Under the new law, the government would also be allowed to block individual URLs instead of entire websites, to store data such as IP addresses, activity logs and e-mail headers for up to two years.
A scan of the corresponding local databases used for those services turned up for Sutton items such as the e-mail headers in Gmail and contact information in the Google Voice database.
The e-mail compliance module scans e-mail headers, body and attachments for a wide variety of personal information and/or financial information such as drivers' license number, social security number, credit card numbers and bank account data.
From a technical perspective, the book shows how to determine where a spam e-mail originates and how to read e-mail headers to determine a message's path.
AOL cited ``tepid support'' for Microsoft's so-called Sender ID technology, which seeks to cut down on junk e-mail by making it difficult for spammers to forge e-mail headers and addresses.
Filters that block unwanted e-mails evaluate e-mail headers to determine their origin, count the volume of e-mails from one address to one domain, reject e-mails that contain certain URL hotlinks, and check content to analyze specific phrases or subject lines.
This metadata may include names and user names of authors, companies, network server, or hard drive where the document was saved, file properties, document revisions, template information, hidden or previously deleted text, and e-mail headers, server, and printer information.
Filter e-mail headers for improper usage such as lack of client Outlook or Eudora variables.