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For example, some new products that promise secure e-mailing can strip e-mail headers like a remailer, encrypt the message, and even destroy it after a period of time.
The current prototype successfully demonstrates the GETGO Mail card's ability to obtain Voice and E-mail header information and messages via a cellular telephone and/or a landline telephone.
The eView 100 gives notification of up to ten new e-mail messages for up to five e-mail accounts by displaying the e-mail header which includes the specific e-mail account, the sender's name, the subject line, whether there is an attached document and the total number of messages for that account.
Under the new law, the government would also be allowed to block individual URLs instead of entire websites, to store data such as IP addresses, activity logs and e-mail headers for up to two years.
A scan of the corresponding local databases used for those services turned up for Sutton items such as the e-mail headers in Gmail and contact information in the Google Voice database.
html) provides tips on reading e-mail headers along with much other information about reducing unwanted mass emails.
The total collection of data and byte-sized files about you (login/logout records, web caches, e-mail headers, cellphone numbers) represents your data body--a state-and-corporate-controlled doppelganger.
From a technical perspective, the book shows how to determine where a spam e-mail originates and how to read e-mail headers to determine a message's path.
AOL cited ``tepid support'' for Microsoft's so-called Sender ID technology, which seeks to cut down on junk e-mail by making it difficult for spammers to forge e-mail headers and addresses.
And Honeywell has its Symphony-i touch pads that let homeowners access sports scores, business news highlights, and short e-mail headers over the security system.
Filters that block unwanted e-mails evaluate e-mail headers to determine their origin, count the volume of e-mails from one address to one domain, reject e-mails that contain certain URL hotlinks, and check content to analyze specific phrases or subject lines.