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robbery of a traveller or vehicle in transit or seizing control of a vehicle by the use of force

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Urging for more commitment, he said the banking industry will ultimately benefit from this unique collab orative platform that is engaged in fighting e-fraud.
Over 21m bank customers have enrolled with their banks to get their unique biometric Bank Verification Number (BVN), which is held on the NIBSS database, to curb the rising cases of e-fraud and promote electronic card usage.
Let us consider e-fraud events such that F is the set of events and E1, E2 .
Commission initiatives, specifically against e-fraud, are currently only centred on "fostering cooperation".
IRONICALLY, the people more at risk from e-fraud are not the customers but the businesses.
SAN FRANCISCO -- KXEN, the leading provider of predictive analytics for business users, today announced that Monext, one of the leading processors of electronic payment transactions in Europe, has purchased KXEN's flagship product, InfiniteInsight([R]), to reduce e-fraud on over 1 billion annual transactions for some of Europe's largest e-Businesses, retailers and banks.
Summary: Four accomplices also jailed for aiding and abetting investor in e-fraud and e-forgery
The course includes five themes, such as cybercrimes law, misuse of information technology systems and e-fraud.
He emphasised the need to boost legislations to tackle e-fraud crimes in light of the fast-paced technological boom.
They cover relevant technical basics, sociological/criminological theories, international legal instruments and Internet regulations for dealing with cybercrime including hacking, e-fraud, child pornography, cyberbullying, unauthorized file sharing, and cyberwar.
He added that the law-enforcement authorities in the UAE were upgrading the skills of their staff to carry out e-fraud investigations and bring the criminals to book.
Bear in mind so called e-fraud is, on the whole, the same scams people have been doing for years in a new format.
A fully hosted strong authentication Security as a Service solution, VIP offers a cost-effective way to give legitimate users access to business resources, enterprise applications and online websites while thwarting identity thieves and e-fraud cartels.
He was charged with committing e-fraud by abusing the skyward miles system and creating 2,000 bogus accounts [for real passengers] before transferring their air-miles to his account while issuing the tickets.
KPMG Forensic Accounting's global e-fraud survey shows that 14 per cent of UK companies experienced e-commerce security breaches last year, with only India reporting a higher amount at 23 per cent.