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Business Signatures Real-Time e-Fraud Detector(TM) (RTFD) enables the industry's first capability of real-time monitoring and intervention of in-session fraudulent activity.
Business Signatures Anomaly Detection with Passive Authentication is also based on the company's Real-Time e-Fraud Detector product enhanced with detailed device fingerprint profiling, so customers' access devices can be profiled in addition to behavior, and used for transparently authenticating a customer, without interrupting their user experience.
Rapid e-Fraud Risk Assessment: Includes a simple deployment of Business Signatures Real-Time e-Fraud Detector(TM) (RTFD) and e-Fraud Rule Library, Fraud Detection Reports, and a Best Practices for e-Fraud Prevention Report
In launching its newest product, M2FA, at a flat-fee subscription price that accelerates front-door authentication deployments across the industry, Business Signatures is aiding the evolution of e-fraud prevention in financial services and other e-commerce realms.
Typically, these e-frauds convince recipients that they are helping extraordinarily wealthy but momentarily trapped individuals - by enabling these strangers to make huge deposits into recipients' accounts.
He was charged with committing e-fraud by abusing the skyward miles system and creating 2,000 bogus accounts [for real passengers] before transferring their air-miles to his account while issuing the tickets.
Global Banking News-January 2, 2014--Victims of e-fraud to be compensated under new rule
He is now charged with committing e-fraud, abusing public service and embezzling public money.
1 trillion - Annual cost of online fraud to global business 26% - Percentage of FSB survey respondents who said e-fraud made them wary of online tradingWe're always responding to yesterday's fraud, rather than tomorrow's Fred Hutchinson, above, programme director at Teessid University's Centre for Fraud and Financial Crim Picture by PETER REIMAN de me NN
And The 3V e-Fraud Barometer shows that recent IMRG figures suggest annual online sales could surge to pounds 78bn over the next three years, meaning by 2010 cyber fraud could cost retailers pounds 1.
have announced an agreement that will make it easier than ever for financial services providers and retailers to issue and accept payment cards embedded with one-time-password (OTP) authentication to protect their online transactions from e-fraud.
Speakers will share their experiences and detail best practice on a wide variety of topics including, The Cashless Revolution: Opportunities and challenges retailers face over the next 5 years, e-Fraud a Growing Menace: The evolution of fraud patterns as new technology emerges, and Direct Debit: Learn how Direct Debit could change the payments landscape.
They also stop viruses, spam, phishing and a host of other e-fraud.
Directions for filing a complaint are available at this site, as well as press releases involving FBI and National White Collar Crime Center involvement in e-fraud prevention.