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Synonyms for raft

a flat float (usually made of logs or planks) that can be used for transport or as a platform for swimmers

transport on a raft

travel by raft in water

make into a raft

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The solid waste management division of many local municipalities offers e-cycling programs and invaluable assistance as well.
Louis Mayor Francis Slay will kick off the e-cycling drive by making the first donation, Monday, April 25 at 12.
Another benefit of e-cycling is the ability to strip de-manufactured components of valuable materials, such as gold, silver, copper, and platinum; recyclers are able to sell these metals to recover a portion of processing costs.
and in developing nations, other small companies are already profiting from the e-cycling boom.
BOSTON -- John Shegerian, Chairman and CEO of Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), the nation's leading recycler of electronic waste, will share his insights on the rapid evolution of the electronic recycling business model and discuss the tremendous promise of "urban mining" and the green color workforce next Tuesday as the lead speaker on a Canaccord Genuity Virtual Roundtable titled "The Evolving e-Cycling Business Model.
Starting with recycled boxes to biodiesel trucks and now green cleaning and e-cycling, our moving process is eco-conscious from beginning to end.
Around the country, states have enacted e-cycling legislation, and, as seen through searches on the Earth911 Recycling Directory, consumers are asking (loudly) what do to with their end-of-life tech.
In fact, e-cycling searches have increased almost 58 percent in the past year alone.
The e-cycling bill (House Bill 708) will keep electronics out of our landfills and get them properly recycled - and Pennsylvania businesses will flourish.
Achieving this prestigious recognition is a testament to our team, which has worked tirelessly to advance awareness of these important issues, and to the business community and general public for embracing more beneficial e-cycling alternatives.
com), a precious metals refining and computer recycling specialist drawing on more than thirty years of global expertise, is honoring Earth Day 2009 by adding hours and discounts to make e-cycling an easy choice for individuals and businesses.