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a doctor's degree in dental medicine

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When Vieira joined Kunkel's lab, they set out to find out how "escaper" dogs have fully functioning muscle, even without dystrophin.
This novel porcine stress syndrome is not a malignant hyperthermia like the classical stress syndrome; it's a defect in dystrophin," Nonneman says.
Mutations affecting the open reading frame, due to frameshift, generate truncated non-functional dystrophin protein giving rise to severe DMD phenotype.
Generation of functional dystrophin is considered critical for successful treatment of DMD, AVI said.
Next, the group implanted these muscle stem cells from normal mice into mice lacking the gene to make dystrophin.
Next, the group implanted muscle stem cells from normal mice into mice lacking the gene to make dystrophin.
The diagnosis was established from clinical features consistent with DMD or BMD, absent or altered dystrophin production (1) (as determined by immunofluorescence assay or western blot analysis), and/or a clear X-linked family history of the disease (2).
Coverage, that is selective rather than comprehensive as to the spectrum of dystrophies, includes treatment of the structure and function of the implicated dystrophin-glycoprotein complex, the lack of the protein dystrophin in muscle, the potential of its replacement by a similar substance (utrophin), disease models, and concerns regarding application of animal models of gene therapy to clinical trials.
Muscular dystrophy is caused by a mutation in the dystrophin gene that plays a key role in muscle generation.
The hallmark of the disease is the weakness of all muscles, caused by a lack of dystrophin, without which the muscle cells cannot survive.
He said his blood showed raised levels of dystrophin and he would have to go up to Newcastle General Hospital for a biopsy.
8-11) Dystrophin is a subsarcolemmal protein of the caveolar domain with a double adhesion property, one between the membrane elements and the contractile filaments and the other between the cytoskeletal proteins and the extracellular matrix via the laminin-binding system.
Upon execution of the final agreement, the principal goals of the research program will be to research the binding of ligands to the WW domain of dystrophin, utrophin, beta-dystroglycan, FE65 and FE65-like proteins, which could accelerate drug discovery for muscular dystrophy and certain neurodegenerative diseases.