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as bad as can be


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The conflict that drives these narratives is premised upon the unstable social foundation of their dystopian societies.
Johnson-Smith, a lecturer in film and TV at an English university, reaches the conclusion that unlike earlier periods of science fiction, "modern American sf fiction is neither utopian or dystopian.
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who champions strict gun control legislation, said the NRA's response was "a paranoid, dystopian vision of a more dangerous and violent America where everyone is armed and no place is safe".
Completed on the eve of World War II, this dystopian satire is a classic of Hungarian literature.
As a result they find themselves transported to a dystopian future ruled by neo-fascist military types where everything's outlawed except big shoulder pads and silver wallpaper, from which they spend the entirety of the programme's eight episode run trying to escape.
DAVID Almond's first novel for adults, The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean, conjured up a dystopian world inhabited by an illiterate 'Aynjel Childe'.
Set in a dystopian future after global warming has led to the surviving wealthy families of Sydney being 'safe' enclosed behind a huge wall, while outcasts beyond the wall are presumably long dead, Lily, twin brother Daniel and younger sister Alice live a rigidly proscribed life with their strangely cold and aloof parents, never allowed to leave the house and forced to take strictly monitored medication during the weekly visit of the fearsome Blacktroopers.
The cult classic, set in 2019 Los Angeles, starred Harrison Ford as a police officer hunting genetically engineered robots called replicants and its vision of a dystopian future was influential on many later films.
Rather than books being "stinky artifacts of the past" as in Shteyngart's dystopian Super Sad True Love Story: A Novel, the Internet, video games, and other new technologies have expanded the concept of "literacy" and media studies.
Which story about a dystopian America was science fiction writer Ray Bradbury's most famous novel?
With its metal-grinding guitar and bass underpinnings and lead singer Chibi's hypnotic vocals, the Birthday Massacre is a complete surprise and, in many ways, a revelation, like listening to musical dispatches from some dystopian future.
Katriona Beales draws inspiration from model-making for theatre, with her childhood dolls house and a treasure trove of early to mid-20th century photographs of Liverpool, while Fiona Curran creates artificial spatial planes that refer to Utopian and dystopian scenes.
a sumptuous jaunt into a dystopian world of the existentiality of human-ness.
But the way that this dystopian thriller about a future without babies earns its palpable spiritual climax is just as impressive.