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The findings suggest that neurogenic bladder due to neuro-Behcet disease is characterized urodynamically by overactive detrusor in storage phase and detrusor sphincter dyssynergia in voiding phase (4).
EMG Pattern Demonstrating Detrusor Sphincter Dyssynergia (DSD) with the Classic Shark Tooth Pattern
Placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind study of the effects of botulinum A toxin on detrusor sphincter dyssynergia in multiple sclerosis patients.
According to Wyndaele (15), presence of BCR and anal reflex were significantly associated with DO and sphincter dyssynergia and absence of BCR was significantly associated with detrusor acontractility.
In patients with a neuropathic bladder, disordered innervation commonly results in dyssynergia between the detrusor and external sphincters, which adversely affects bladder function.
Complications of bladder problems resulting from spinal cord injury include urinary tract infections, sepsis, dyssynergia, kidney stones or bladder stones and bladder cancer in those who use indwelling catheters for a long period of time.
Tamsulosin in the treatment of detrusor-sphincter dyssynergia of the urinary bladder in patients with multiple sclerosis.
Major problems are bladder hypersensitivity, poor bladder compliance, detrusor instability and detrusor-sphincter dyssynergia in this group of patients [3-4].
1991; Preston & Lennard-Jones, 1985), spastic pelvic floor syndrome (Kuijpers & Bleijenberg, 1985), paradoxical puborectalis contraction (Jones, Lubowski, Swash, Path, & Henry, 1987), pelvic floor dyssynergia (Pucciani et al.
An update on the treatment of detrusor-sphincter dyssynergia with botulinum toxin type A.
TABLE 1 Lower urinary tract symptoms are also seen with these disorders (31) DISORDER FINDINGS Bladder calculi Hematuria, ultrasonography finding Bladder neck dyssynergia LUTS in younger patients with normal prostate size, diagnosed by cystoscopy or VCUG Overactive bladder Urgency with possible urge incontinence Prostate cancer Finding in DRE, elevated serum PSA Prostatitis Tender prostate gland Stricture of the bladder neck Prior invasive treatment Urinary bladder cancer Hematuria, abnormal cytological finding Urethral stricture Box-shaped flow curve on urinary flow-rate measurement DRE, digital rectal examination; LUTS, lower urinary tract symptoms; PSA, prostate-specific antigen; VCUG, voiding cystourethrogram.
If the anal sphincters and pelvic floor muscles contract rather than relax when receiving the urge stimulus, defecation cannot occur, which is called anismus or anorectal dyssynergia.
This is sometimes called detrusor-sphincter dyssynergia.
Problems reported in some patients included detrusor sphincter dyssynergia (high urethral resistance), poor voiding responses, leg contractions, and pain.
Detrusorurethral dyssynergia leading to urinary retention and renal failure arising from tubular dysfunction are later sequelae.