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These dysrhythmias are associated with gastric motility disorders such as dyspepsia, unexplained nausea, vomiting, GERD+, and gastroparesis.
2] concentrations with hospital admissions for cardiac dysrhythmias (p = 0.
This small pamphlet (8x6") is for ambulance personnel, nurses, junior medical officers and others who may be involved in ECG monitoring of patients with a dysrhythmia, chest pain, or other illness.
And they are now calling for more research into a deadly disorder, called cardiac dysrhythmia, where the victim's heart suddenly stops without warning.
Electronystagmography revealed a spontaneous left-beating nystagmus of 5[degrees]/sec with elements of central dysrhythmia.
One example might be when a patient has an unstable cardiac dysrhythmia and a key analyte, such as potassium, is changing rapidly.
NMS can cause hyperprexia, muscle rigidity, diaphoresis, tachycardia, irregular pulse or blood pressure, cardiac dysrhythmia, and altered mental status.
Our data confirm that BNP does not appear to be useful in septic shock, even when the potential confounding influence of cardiac dysrhythmia is excluded.
For instance, a 2004 study of long-term exposure to fine particulate pollution, published in the journal Circulation, detailed increased risk of ischemic heart disease, dysrhythmia, heart failure and cardiac arrest.
Cardiovascular pathophysiology, dysrhythmia interpretation, hemodynamics, patient assessment and monitoring, and related patient problems will be covered in depth.
Data were excluded for analysis during periods of terminal dysrhythmia.
Hyperglycemia decreases antral contractility, stimulates isolated pyloric pressure waves, and causes gastric dysrhythmia (primarily tachygastria).
The medical examiner's office said he died because of cardiac dysrhythmia, a condition where the heart beats irregularly.
Josh's cause of death, according to the state medical examiner's office in Boston, was cardiac dysrhythmia complicating hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, an inherited condition that affects approximately one in 500 people.