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a trivalent metallic element of the rare earth group

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sustainability, we agreed that the recycling of electronic E-waste will provide a competitive source of Neodymium, Dysprosium and Praseodymium for growing the cleantech sector including electric vehicles.
Neodymium, dysprosium, terbium, europium, and yttrium are valuable for end use in wind turbines, photovoltaics, and energy-efficient electric vehicles and fluorescent lighting.
Terbium and dysprosium can be additives to enhance the coercivity in NdFeB magnets.
The material under investigation was a single crystal of Dysprosium Titanate.
The Asian behemoth now supplies approximately 95 percent of the world's consumption of "rare earths," such as cerium, neodymium, lathanum, yttrium, and dysprosium.
Figure 8 shows neutron diffraction scans of the magnetic peaks in a film where 15 atomic planes of magnetic dysprosium are separated by 14 atomic planes of non-magnetic yttrium, and then this basic bilayer is repeated (43,45-46).
TSX-V: HRE, OTCQX: HREEF), ("Stans" or the "Company"), is pleased to report that, as part of its ongoing operational testing at the Kashka Rare Earth Processing Plant (KRP), the company has produced dysprosium, terbium and gadolinium metals from its metals fabrication facilities.
We have constructed at College de france a new experimental setup producing ultracold Dysprosium atomic gases.
2015 Market Research Report on Global Dysprosium Oxide Industry : For overview analysis, the report introduces Dysprosium Oxide basic information including definition, classification, application, industry chain structure, industry overview, policy analysis, and news analysis, etc.
REEs are indispensable because dysprosium is used as a doping compound for permanent magnets, which are used in green technology for hybrid and electric vehicles and wind turbines," he says.
Shortage in the supply of raw materials such as neodymium, praseodymium, and dysprosium is the main reason for cost fluctuation.
The rare earths metals or elements typically include scandium (Sc-21), yttrium (Y-39) and the lanthanides - lanthanum (La-57), cerium (Ce-58), praseodymium (Pr-59), neodymium (Nd-60), promethium (Pm-61), samarium (Sm-62), europium (Eu-63), gadolinium (Gd-64), terbium (Tb-65), dysprosium (Dy-66), holmium (Ho-67), erbium (Er-68), thulium (Tm-69), ytterbium (Yb-70), and lutetium (Lu-71).
As for dysprosium (very rare in supply, and China is virtually the only source), SDK is developing new technology that enables reduction in the use of dysprosium.
Steve Constantinides, of Arnold Magnetics in the USA, presented a comprehensive picture on the attributes of rare earth magnets in industrial applications, the impact of dysprosium supply shortages on the availability of heat-resistant rare earth magnets, and several material science initiatives underway to reduce dysprosium usage in these magnets through grain boundary engineering and possible substitution of other rare earth elements.