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difficult or labored respiration

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A 72 year old man presented to the clinic in August 2014; at Aga Khan University Hospital, with complaints of chest pain and dyspnoea for two months.
Regarding the presenting symptoms, CHD patients mostly presented with dyspnoea (18.
Main differential diagnoses include a foreign body - the lack of history of invasive procedures (Gastroenteral tubes and ventriculoperitoneal shunt) discarded this hypothesis and an ascaris lumbricoides, which causes vomiting, recurrent dyspnoea, dry cough (Loffler's syndrome).
On subjective examination, the patient was attentive, in serious general state, pale, sweaty, in logical verbal contact, taking a seated position due to respiratory dyspnoea.
The animal had snoring and inspiratory dyspnoea at time of presentation.
Finally, motor block of abdominal and thoracic muscles may compromise ventilation, and although it is possible that such compromise may have influenced the onset of dyspnoea, the clinical manifestations were indicative of bronchospasm and not of muscle fatigue.
A 35 years old male presented to us with acute right sided chest pain and dyspnoea.
11% of patients), followed by chest discomfort and dyspnoea (62.
There was no history of hemoptysis, chest pain, dyspnoea, hoarseness of voice, jaundice, bone pains, fits or urinary complaints.
We present the case of a 39-year-old bodybuilder with a longstanding abuse of AAS presenting with increasing exertional dyspnoea and fatigue and showing signs of left ventricular hypertrophy in the echocardiography.
5,6] So this study was designed with the objective to find the correlation between dyspnoea in COPD patients and its relation to accompanying depression.
Another view has been that male sexuality is more vulnerable to dyspnoea and loss of self-esteem resulting from impaired physical performance (Pietropinto and Arora 1989).
Mitral regurgitation is the most frequent valve disease and in its severe form can cause hart failure symptoms like easy fatigue, dyspnoea in natural fatigue up to acute pulmonary oedema and predisposes the development of heart arrhythmias and strokes.
Opioids are considered first-line therapy for symptomatic control of dyspnoea.
Clinical signs, including vomiting, discoloration of the urates, loss of appetite and dyspnoea, were observed in 4 of 5 falcons and in 4 of 5 pigeons inoculated with 107 A fumigatus conidia.