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difficult or labored respiration

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how dyspnea affects functional ability, employment, health-related quality of life, or health status.
Adjunct interventions that promote lung expansion and gas exchange in patients with pneumonia may reduce dyspnea and lower the risk of pulmonary complications.
First group will continue with their Pharmacological treatment (Standard of care treatment for COPD) and their dyspnea scoring and 6-minute walk distance are recorded at the start of study and after 8 weeks (end of study).
Exercise performance, dyspnea, pulmonary functions, and oxygenation were significantly poorer in those patients (p<0.
Furthermore, improvements were seen regardless of the degree of exercise function, dyspnea, or lung function at baseline, reported lead investigator Praful Schroff.
The clinical presentation varies from chest pain, SCE, dyspnea, hemodynamic instability to death.
Comfortable at rest, but ordinary physical activity results in fatigue, palpitation, or dyspnea.
On her arrival at our center, she had dyspnea and pleuritic chest pain.
In the clinical setting the assessment of dyspnea has gained a functional role for not only determining how short-of-breath an individual may be under a variety of conditions, but also to monitor the patient's response to therapy (63).
Once symptoms start to prevent normal daily activities there is a downward spiral of reduced physical activity leading to worsening symptoms, further dyspnea and even further sedentary behavior.
1,3,4,8-10) Studies on the contribution of pulmonary involvement and dyspnea to function and quality of life in patients with SSc have reported conflicting results.
METHODS: We compared performance measures of hsc-TnT among patients admitted to the emergency department with typical chest pain (angina), dyspnea, and atypical symptoms and assessed outcomes by leading presenting symptoms.
1) We encountered 5 rare cases of pharyngolaryngeal edema with dyspnea associated with mumps infection.