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speech disorder attributable to a disorder of phonation

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Houde, "Acoustic Correlates of Breathy Vocal Quality: Dysphonic Voices and Continuous Speech," Journal of Speech and Hearing Research 39, no.
Premenstrual syndrome and premenstrual dysphonic disorder: definition & diagnosis.
Cecchini, Lai, and Langher, (2010) found positive correlations between dysphonic cry and attribution of anger/anguish to the newborn cries, and negative correlation between the percentage of silent expirations and attribution of anger/anguish.
Successful cardiac pulmonary resuscitation 2 Good Dysphonic.
Chapter Five, "The Speech and Language Therapist's Assessment of the Dysphonic Patient" by Paul Carding, examines the importance of comprehensive voice assessment in managing a patient's problems.
The trouble, as Baur spells it out in her dysphonic but ultimately worthwhile book, is not that dangerous feelings are aroused in therapy, but that they either go unacknowledged or get wrenched into dangerous and untimely reality.
This article presents various technologies that have already become ingrained in day-to-day clinical practice, as well as some of those with the potential to contribute substantially to the future evaluation and treatment of the dysphonic patient.
Furthermore, it is observed these indexes are similar to the ones found in studies analyzing other dysphonic population [26,27].
On initial examination, the patient exhibited a breathy, severely dysphonic voice.
Of these three instruments described in the literature for investigating vocal symptoms, the VoiSS6 and VTDS5 are validated, especially the first, which is highly specific and sensitive in differentiating dysphonic patients from vocally healthy ones.
Is the Saggital Postural Alignment Different in Normal and Dysphonic Adult Speakers?
Even in dysphonic patients with webs, other causes should be sought, and one should not assume that the web is responsible for the voice complaints.
Premenstrual dysphonic disorder (PMDD): Severe physical and emotional discomfort prior to menstruation
A study analyzed the efficacy of two voice treatment programs in 44 dysphonic teachers, divided randomly in three groups, 15 teachers using the sound field system ChatterVox, 15 teacher in vocal hygiene program, and 14 teachers in control group without treatment.