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an impairment of language (especially speech production) that is usually due to brain damage

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Other conditions associated with hip pain include bursitis, muscle cramps, hip fracture, stress fractures of the femoral neck or pelvis, avascular necrosis, joint infection, and congenital defects such as congenital dislocation (CDH) and congenital hip dysphasia.
Our members have many different types of disabilities - Down's syndrome, dysphasia, Asperger's syndrome and even loss of limbs," said Eunice Lamb, from the club.
Destructive surgical interventions for GPN, including intracranial sectioning of the glossopharyngeal nerve, are associated with dysphasia.
Frankie suffered from a stroke that left him with dysphasia which affected his speech and his memory.
Dysphasia is a language disorder caused by brain damage, often as the result of a stroke, and most frequently occurs in people over 60.
dementia, receptive dysphasia, significant intellectual disability and/or reduced alertness as determined by medical past history and multidisciplinary assessment upon ward admission).
Neurological conditions such as dysphasia or dyspraxia may also render a person unable to cough when there is an inability to understand and execute the demand to cough voluntarily [1].
Alberts, a vascular neurologist at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, says that unclear text messages ("dystextia"), along with other jumbled e-mails and other unusual patterns in communicating, can be a sign of dysphasia, an inability to communicate.
Her neurologic examination after she was extubated showed that she had confusion, dysphasia, generalized hypotonia, diminished deep tendon reflexes, and no nuchal rigidity.
Neurologic examination revealed loss of orientation to time and place, depressed mental functions, and dysphasia.
His headache progressed, and during the next few hours, he experienced severe expressive dysphasia.
He suffered from dysphasia - a disorder which affects speaking, understanding, reading or writing.