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Synonyms for dyspeptic

a person suffering from indigestion

suffering from dyspepsia

Related Words

irritable as if suffering from indigestion

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pylori eradication has also been only modestly effective in treating dyspeptic symptoms in low-prevalence populations in the Western world.
Gastric electric stimulation accelerates gastric emptying and improves dyspeptic symptoms.
Making effective use of awkward silences and gestures, the humour is never forced (a lovely touch has the brothers exchanging gifts of socks, though Herman leaves the price tag on his better quality ones) but always wryly dyspeptic while the poignancy is understatedly affecting as it gathers to the ironic denouement.
Some of British Prime Minister Tony Blair's legal aides are dyspeptic at Washington's cavalier attitude toward international law.
A study published by Cellini et al in 1995 failed to identify H pylori in the nasal mucus of H pylori--positive dyspeptic patients.
However dyspeptic the tone on the poems may become in places, they never collapse into laziness or anomie.
something gray's creeping across liberty's consciousness the psychobabble of late video decline a savage & wasteful piece of fiction Like Usher slurping into the primordial sludge evidence of the dyspeptic generation.
Scott Elliott, the gay artistic director of the New Group, specializes in staging smart revivals of dyspeptic dramas from the 1980s.
When I don't, I am dyspeptic, and my students mirror my indigestion.
In an Australian study, 399 consecutive dyspeptic patients referred for endoscopy underwent two tests, the rapid urease test and the [sup.
Studied extensively for its ability to interact with Helicobacter pylori, support gastric health and relieve dyspeptic symptoms, Zinlori 75 delivers PepZin GI, the all-natural, chelated complex of L-carnosine and zinc in a 1:1 ratio for maximum bioavailability and efficacy.
19, 2001) and an indicated willingness to go into local markets alternately make publishers apoplectic and dyspeptic.
Sartorially unobtrusive, slight of stature, with jug ears the only anomaly on a visage that otherwise calls to mind nothing so much as a slightly dyspeptic basset, Rails seems the kind of man, with neatly combed, greying hair, you might see every day on the subway train, always at a very particular hour, always in the same seat, and about whom you might think you could guess everything you'd want to know.
At center stage -- to the delight, no doubt, of his many fans -- is Commissioner Salvo Montalbano, the dyspeptic but idealistic if disillusioned hero of much of Camilleri's fiction of this sort.