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Synonyms for dysosmia

a disorder in the sense of smell

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3)Patient complaints similar to MCS have been recorded in mainstream medical literature for decades under terminology such as organic solvent intolerance, parosmia, dysosmia, cacosmia, intolerance to smells, and odor triggered headaches.
NMSs include pain, dysosmia, gastrointestinal disorders, drenching sweats, cardiovascular obstacle, sleep disturbances, urinary symptoms, weight loss, medications or behavioral addiction, psychological disturbance, and cognition and verbal decline that we mentioned in this review.
Among those 31 patients, the most common nasal symptom was dysosmia, which was seen in 15 patients (3.
As a control, scores for the following symptoms were chosen: nasal obstruction, rhinorrhea, and dysosmia.
The nasal symptom domain score is an unweighted average of Likert scores for severity of symptoms for nasal obstruction, rhinorrhea, and dysosmia.