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the branch of biology concerned with the development of malformations or serious deviations from the normal type of organism

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Hudgins' specialties include prenatal screening and diagnosis, dysmorphology, and general clinical genetics.
Face2Gene combines the world's first and only available computer-aided dysmorphology analysis solution with the most reputable dysmorphology database collection," added Mr.
Alcohol-induced facial dysmorphology in C57BL/6 mouse models of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
Although computer-generated imaging may detect subtle dysmorphology, biomarkers that indicate exposure to alcohol during the prenatal period would provide an additional tool to identify individuals with FASD and to better relate alcohol exposure parameters with outcomes.
Mothers who consume alcohol may be condemning their child to a lifetime of ongoing problems such as behavioural and cognitive disorders, learning disability, facial dysmorphology, and long term effects to the their immune system.
In addition, for patients who have a maxillofacial skeletal dysmorphology that is associated with OSA, mandibular retrognathia, retrogenia and the position of the hyoid bone may also contribute to airway difficulties during attempted intubation as well as during open airway sedation (52).
1) FAS represents the most severe spectrum of preventable disabilities and is characterized by growth deficiency, dysmorphology, and a complex pattern of behavioural and cognitive difficulties.
orthognathic surgical correction of facial dysmorphology and malocclusion.
Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome (SLOS) [5] is a serious disorder associated with dysmorphology and mental retardation.
For many, the intensity of these convictions (fixed or overvalued ideas) can reach the boundaries for delusions--absolute certainty of dysmorphology, refusal to accept contradictory evidence, and sense that others are "talking about their defects.
Taking it to the max: The genetic and developmental mechanisms coordinating midfacial morphogenesis and dysmorphology.
In addition to performing all recommended tests during and after pregnancy, the researchers plan to follow case and control infants with ophthalmologic and developmental exams as well as a CT scan if indicated, and a dysmorphology exam in infected infants.
44) However, early identification of the physical stigmata of FASD is challenging because of the difficulty inherent in assessing dysmorphology in infants and the considerable challenge in determining if the neuropsychological deficits that a child presents with are due to a prenatal alcohol exposure alone, as there are a multitude of non-alcohol related factors that have a significant impact on child development.
It is well known that patients with IBM are susceptible to developing DNA mitochondrial mutations and may demonstrate evidence of ultrastructural mitochondrial alterations (increased numbers of mitochondria and mitochondrial dysmorphology, including paracrystalline mitochondrial inclusions).