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Most women experience a number of physical and emotional symptoms associated with dysmenorrhea.
Unsal A, Ayranci U, Tozun M, Arslan G, Calik E, Prevalence of dysmenorrhea and its effect on quality of life among a group of female university students.
There are 27 million women of reproductive age in Japan, and one third of them are recognized to have menstrual pain, which can be related to dysmenorrhea and requires some form of medical intervention, Bayer said.
Some of them relieve only the symptoms, rather than targeting the underlying cause of dysmenorrhea, and may have unwanted side effects such as mood alteration and stomach upsets.
Pivotal Research is recruiting women of childbearing age who suffer from dysmenorrhea and normally take medicine to treat their menstrual cramps to take part in a research study.
However each group recorded significant decreases in dysmenorrhea.
The researchers conclude that "gynecologists can use information about previous depression, premenstrual mood disturbance, and dysmenorrhea to inform clinical decisions about the potential beneficial and deleterious impact of [the pill] on premenstrual mood.
Key Words: Dysmenorrhea, Menstrual Period, Menstrual Hygiene, Female Students, Tehran, Iran.
Dysmenorrhea is a common gynecological problem that not only reduces quality of life but also accounts for significant medical costs and absenteeism from work.
But new research from the University of Milan suggests that this temporary relief may cause dysmenorrhea, or in laywoman's terms, killer cramps.
com/research/sdtcjz/primary) has announced the addition of Global Markets Direct's new report "Primary Dysmenorrhea - Pipeline Review, H2 2012" to their offering.
Dysmenorrhea is one of the most common women problems.
Forty Italian women (aged 18-40 years) with primary dysmenorrhea and a serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D level < 45 ng/ml were randomly assigned to receive a single oral dose of 300,000 IU of vitamin D3 or placebo 5 days before the expected onset of menstruation.
Although not life threatening, dysmenorrhea can be debilitating and psychologically taxing, and is one of the leading causes of absenteeism from work and school.