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expressing disapproval

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Meiosis involves the substitution of a lesser word, often a dyslogistic epithet (Carlin applies this device to American presidents); the opposite device is euphemismus, which involves the substitution of a pleasant term.
But it is readily apparent from a survey of the case law in this area that, in order to warrant a dyslogistic judgment of 'unconscionable dealing', courts have sometimes emphasised the need for the defendant's process of advantage-taking, when taken as a whole, and after 'real .
The improbable behavior of uniformed personnel and the portrayal of active and ex-service members is dyslogistic.
If, however, the word "buckle" is taken as dyslogistic, meaning "to collapse or crumble," then the hidden heart cries out in terror.
And by splitting the hierarchic principle into factions, it becomes ritually gratifying; for each faction can then use the other as katharma, the unclean vessel upon which can be loaded the dyslogistic burdens of vocabulary (a procedure made all the more zealous by the secret that, if not thus morally "protected," each faction might "court" the other).