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having impaired ability to comprehend written words usually associated with a neurologic disorder


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Following the training, the dyslexic children's scores went up in a number of language and reading tests.
Another DYXC1 disruption, which yields an altered version of the gene's protein, occurred in about 12 percent of the dyslexic group, compared with roughly 5 percent of the others.
One child in every British classroom is likely to be severely dyslexic.
I know of one bright boy diagnosed as dyslexic who had done well at school and gone on to university.
Research has revealed that dyslexic subjects show less activity in the angular gyrus during reading tasks than do subjects without the disability.
The game reportedly led to a significant improvement in reading accuracy and some gain in reading speed in the 24 dyslexic children tested.
It was the fact that, because I'm dyslexic, I didn't know a better way to show kids that if I'm dyslexic and I can write a three-book deal then you can do, I don't care what disability you can, or what you think you can't do," she said(http://www.
Dyslexic people often have a natural talent for any of the arts (such as music, dance, drawing, or acting).
One in ten people is dyslexic, which can cause problems with reading, writing and spelling.
In order to improve the current situation of dyslexia in Pakistan, this research endeavors to design and implement an interactive technological learning aid specifically for dyslexic children with handwriting difficulties.
The group's research compared the individual reading patterns of dyslexic and non-dyslexic pupils using a laser eye tracking device and computer software.
By tracking an individual's reading pathways, we will be able to identify dyslexic children far more easily which will mean they will be able to start intervention strategies at a time when they are going to make the most impact.
Rishi has a number of dyslexic friends and wanted to assist them.