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Ten percent of the sample had such high scores, thus were categorized as having dyslectic difficulties.
1998) also found these twelve items to discriminate well between a dyslectic group and a control group.
Dyslectic students might appear to have difficulties in more than one of the above domains as well as in Mathematics (Beaton 2004; Miles & Miles, Polychronopoulou 1989, 2000).
On the contrary, when the difficulties in the learning domain persist throughout his/her school attendance then the possibilities for being characterised as a dyslectic pupil are high.
Fests might be attracted to this youth-oriented item if the hand-held camerawork and dyslectic editing are not seen as a mm-off, with commercial chances outside Finland limited to ancillary.
The Supreme Court, which had ordered an interim stay on a Bombay High Court order allowing the use of calculators by dyslectics way back in April 2007, is yet to decide on the matter.
They conclude that reading ability is bimodally distributed, with dyslectics appearing at the lower end of the tail.