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abnormality in performing voluntary muscle movements

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SICK scapula is an acronym that stands for Scapular malposition, Inferior medial border prominence, Coracoid pain and malposition, and dysKinesis of scapular movement.
Specific kinematics and associated muscle activation in individuals with scapular dyskinesis.
The authors of this paper have previously hypothesised that nerve traction injury to the shoulder results in scapular dyskinesis of the injured side (Kawasaki et al 2012).
Myocarditis is present in 80% of patients presenting severe symptoms of acute Chagas disease, it causes myocardial dyskinesis, heart enlargement, pericardial effusion and heart failure (references in 7).
Muscular imbalances in scapular force couples (action) may result in scapular dyskinesis, abnormal glenohumeral translation or rotator cuff overload.
The cardiac catherization showed no evidence of obstructive coronary heart disease, increased left ventricular end diastolic pressure and marked distal anterior and distal inferior wall hypokinesis with apical dyskinesis.
Forward head posture (FHP) is one of the most common cervical abnormalities that predisposes individuals toward pathological conditions, such as headache [6-7], neck pain [8-9], temporomandibular disorders [10], vertebral bodies disorders [11], soft-tissue length and strength alteration [12-13], or even scapula and shoulder dyskinesis [14-15].
She reports no exertional chest pain, and a recent stress echocardiogram showed normal wall motion with apical dyskinesis and an ejection fraction of 55%.
The Mayo criteria (all must be met) for diagnosis of this syndrome include the presence of transient left ventricle apical akinesis or dyskinesis, absence of obstructive coronary disease, new electrocardiographic abnormalities and absence of concurrent conditions such as head trauma, intracranial bleeding, phaeochromocytoma, myocarditis and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (15).
At school I should have been labelled as suffering from anophthalmia sphero ('no eye for a ball') or hysterical oculomanual dyskinesis ('Catch it, you idiot
It is thought that this thrombus may have been precipitated by the ventricular dyskinesis.
5) One may qualitatively assess regional wall motion and dyskinesis and objectively quantify ejection fraction and stroke volume.
6) In case of innervational dyskinesis (for example, cerebral sclerosis as an associated symptom of the AMD), the original direction of molecular activities cannot be sustained.
This cine display of the heart in near real time allows the observer to identify areas of hypokinesis, akinesis, and dyskinesis.