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abnormality in performing voluntary muscle movements

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Discussione: Dai dati emersi dunque lo SCAPULAR DYSKINESIS TEST (SDTs) non sembra avere una affidabilita interesaminatore soddisfacente per poter essere utilizzato come metodo di valutazione delle disfunzioni scapolari in ambito clinico.
2003b) The disabled throwing shoulder: spectrum of pathology Part III: The SICK scapula, scapular dyskinesis, the kinetic chain, and rehabilitation.
They include 1) transient hypokinesis, akinesis, or dyskinesis of the left ventricular mid segments with or without apical involvement, with the regional wall motion abnormalities extending beyond a single epicardial vascular distribution, 2) absence of obstructive coronary disease or angiographic evidence of acute plaque rupture, 3) new EKG abnormalities or elevation in cardiac troponin level and 4) the absence of pheochromocytoma and myocarditis.
The Mayo criteria (all must be met) for diagnosis of this syndrome include the presence of transient left ventricle apical akinesis or dyskinesis, absence of obstructive coronary disease, new electrocardiographic abnormalities and absence of concurrent conditions such as head trauma, intracranial bleeding, phaeochromocytoma, myocarditis and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (15).
At school I should have been labelled as suffering from anophthalmia sphero ('no eye for a ball') or hysterical oculomanual dyskinesis ('Catch it, you idiot
It is thought that this thrombus may have been precipitated by the ventricular dyskinesis.
5) One may qualitatively assess regional wall motion and dyskinesis and objectively quantify ejection fraction and stroke volume.
6) In case of innervational dyskinesis (for example, cerebral sclerosis as an associated symptom of the AMD), the original direction of molecular activities cannot be sustained.