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impaired ability to learn to write

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the visual-motor training involves the formation of visual-motor, auditory abilities, structures, as important elements determining the various dysgraphic disorders.
Dysgraphic children have problems with writing as shown by:
Automatic segmentation as a tool for examining the handwriting process of children with dysgraphic and proficient handwriting.
People with this problem are often labelled dyslexic whereas they are dysgraphic - they have difficulty matching the visual representation of a letter from with their hand movements.
As well as being diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia, Antony is also dysgraphic, which affects his hand-eye co-ordination, and dyscalculate, which means he struggles with numbers.
Similarly, the student who says he "would prefer to write the paper at home" may be dysgraphic (a person with writing difficulty), or have time management issues, or both.