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lack of skillfulness in speaking or writing

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2--Producing a model to design learning environment with motivational approach in dysfluency
Rather than dysfluency, this might in fact indicate a high exemplar-based system where carefully planned, rehearsed and memorized chunks were used as a strategy to cope with face-to-face interaction.
Comparing levels of dysfluency among students with mild learning difficulties and typical students.
After the many examples of conversational dysfluency and extraordinary effort on the part of both the writing assistant and writer, their critique of authority-less collaboration in writing centers provides new graduate students in the writing center an important primer on a central writing center debate.
Specifically, speech rate, dysfluency rate, and facial masseter EMG activity were assessed in several situations (while reading aloud, being interviewed, role playing a social situation, and speaking over the telephone).
It would appear that lefthanded children show a significantly greater tendency towards chronic dysfluency.
CGS / BES) Self-modeling and its effects on dysfluency in children who stutter.
The left anterior hemisphere, when injured, has been found to result in dysfluency of thought and word, which makes it difficult for injured persons to express thoughts and feelings in words.
Safety and efficacy data from a previous pagoclone clinical trial for people who stutter were presented at the 2008 National Stuttering Association meeting as well as to the Oxford Dysfluency meeting in England.